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i'm jamie pringle. >> i'm megan costello. happy any. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> good morning, guys. it is friday and a gorgeous day. temperature coming in at 76 degrees. what a pleasant temperature. we're looking at the headlines. we have more sunshine in here and we will be a bit cooler for today. the winds will be lighter but still we have the enhanced threat for some possible fires out there. so definitely no open burning for today. and i am forecasting rain moving in here. the timing's not so great for the weekend. the t. looks dry even through tomorrow all five sweeps are on. by tomorrow evening, that's when the chance for showers could roll into the picture. the temperature into catonsville right now is coming in at 57 degrees.
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check out the wind gusts up to 16 miles per hour. you know what? that will be continuing as we go throughout the day. those gusts will be picking up and so will the sustained winds. we're worried about the fires out there. how are the roads looking this morning, kim? >> looking good, lynnette. we don't have any accidents to let you know about. just a utility issue as you approach timonium road. you will see the right lane taken away. caton avenue ramp getting on to northbound 95 will close 11:00 saturday night and remain closed for six to eight weeks. the ramps to get on southbound 95 starts tonight at 9:00 and will reopen saturday night at 8:00. no delays in the 95 corridor. no issues around the beltway at this time. as we look at our cameras, you see traffic is moving well on the southbound side on the left- hand side of your screen.
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no problems. megan and jamie, back to you. following breaking news out of the west coast here. a massive fire broke out after an explosion sent a fireball 1,000 feet into the air. this happened in san bruno. you can see it on the map just south of san francisco here. at least one person died. 53 homes have been spread to the fire in ten acres last night. incredible video shooting up into the sky. pacific gas and electric confirmed one of its gas lines erupted. the flames are about 50% contained this morning. coming up at 6:30, we'll have a live report from san bruno with the latest on this. strong winds created real headaches here in baltimore fueling flames that destroyed almost a dozen row homes earlier in the week. investigators now believe that a fire started in a vacant home. linda so joins us in the studio and drawing atension to the
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danger of a lot of vacant homes. >> reporter: after what happened with the devastating fires earlier in the week, people fear it could happen on their block as well. they are calling on the city to do more to keep them safe. we spoke with people along east north avenue who tell us there have already been several vacant home fires there. eleanor says years ago when she was using drugs she lived with several people in an abandoned home, the drug use and lighting candles for heat and fire poses a risk of fire. >> it do travel and spreads onto the old houses because they're real old, you know? i think about it every day. >> reporter: now, the city owns 10,000 vacant structures. housing officials do look for ways to rehabilitate the properties. when the safety threat outweighs the benefit, they often demolish them. linda so, abc 2 news. we've known all along high
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winds helped a fire spread beyond the unit where this started. right now there's a combination of breezy, dry conditions. that mean and increased risk of wildfires all over the state of maryland. right now, maryland is under what they call a red flag fire warning. you are advised to be careful if you are doing any outdoor burning along with things like discarding a cigarette butt. >> reporter: mean while, the firefighters union says this is a prime example of how they jeopardize public safety. they had to call in departments from as far as washington d.c. to help cover the fire. continuing budget cuts and fire company closures are dangerously depleting the fire department. >> that is a sign of what we should do. >> so far, a cause has not been determined in the latest fire. it's five minutes after 6:00 right now. the latest on that controversial florida pastor.
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there are mixed messages regarding the plan to burn the koran on the anniversary of september 11th. the florida pastor says first he will not burn the wore ran this saturday as originally planned but later backpedaled saying he was rethinking that decision. i think we were hoping to hear from the pastor, but basically this is what happened. pastor terry jones first claimed that the imam at the center of the mosque controversy agreed to move the location. but imam says there was no deal so now it appears that the burning could be back on. we have to wait and see. an attorney for a former employee has filed a lawsuit against anne arundel county's top executive accusing him of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. the suit contains accusations that john leopold contained unwanted sexual advances for a woman he later dismissed.
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>> he is truly almost addicted like a gambling person might be to women. it's an impulse you can't do anything about because you would go this is the guy in power. why would he do it so openly? and i think it's because he really can't. >> in a statement, leopold called the accusations lies and innuendo. never have we gone into a season with so much talk about making it to the super bowl. all of the stars on the field are ready to align. first new york on monday night and hopefully dallas on a sunday in february. sherrie johnson live with under on this purple friday. good morning, sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. i'm out here at rowland park. look, i met some friends. the ravens cheerleaders are out here with me kicking off purple fridays and the caravan that go as long with it. it starts this morning at 7:30 right here at miss shirley's in
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rowland park. now, michelle, tell knee about the idea and the goal behind the purple friday caravan. >> we want to get out there and interact with the fans, give away raffles for sign memorabilia. get everyone pumped and psyched for the game. >> reporter: listen, you guys have a busy schedule today. i was looking at the places you will be giving out autographed items. tell us what happens at the events. >> we get everybody pumped up. we're selling our calendar, and that's new. we're getting everybody excited for monday night's game. we stop all over, verizon wireless, m & t bank, and even a new stop at the zoo at 2:00. everybody head to the web site for our whole list of the lineup today and come out and support us. >> reporter: wow. why is that important for people to put on their parafer nail why and gear? >> some of them have better outfits than us, bigger hair, more makeup and they are decked
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out. they take off work and really get into it. it's nice to talk to them and have a great conversation about the season and what they like. >> reporter: all right. purple fridays is here. can we leave with a little cheer go ravens? let's hear the cheer. ♪ here we go, ravens, here we go. >> reporter: thank you, ladies. i need to grab some pom-poms before 6:30. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> see the grin on sherrie's face? next time we go out there live she will be dressed like them. >> you were a cheerleader, weren't you? >> no. >> i thought you were. >> kim? >> no. >> lynnette? >> no. >> were you? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you never know. if you see someone having a heart attack, you are not supposed to perform cpr. >> new declines suggest what you should do to keep someone alive until a professional
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arrives. plus, we'll introduce you to a family who wasn't able to have babies of their own so they opened their home to those who didn't have parents. may keep seeing the same program all over the television for a great cause. we'll tell you how to help fight cancer. many of you are without a job. we're trying to help. so each wednesday on "good morning, maryland," we put three video resumes on the air. if you want yours on, send us an e-mail to best we'll invite to you come in and tape a 20-second pitch and we'll put it on our web site. right now, we head to new york for the baitest business news from abc. >> reporter: good morning. we begin with a new top advisor for president obama's economic team. he will promote austin golds did i by. his elevation is seen as a signal the president is not
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about to change course. the trade deficit narrowed significantly in july's exports climbing to the highest level in nearly two years. the lower trade deficit should give overall chick growth a boost. analysts say apple is giving cell phone developers more freedom because it feels threatened by phones four by google's software. best buy plans to sell amazon's kindle adding to its lineup that includes e readers from sony and barnes & noble. 1 million operators are expected to own one by the end of this month. that is your money scope report. i'm vinita nair.
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. it's 6:13 in the morning. starting a family doesn't always turn out the same way for everyone. some couples choose to adopt when they are faced with infertility or maybe it's just a matter of choice. in this morning's take five, linda so tells us why adoption was the way to go for one local family. >> actually, it starts before we get married. >> reporter: growing up, elena thought she would never be able to be a mom. it was a tough topic to bring up when she started dating. >> doctors told me i wouldn't be able to have children. and i knew he want add i family. i told hill and he looked at me quizzically. he said you don't have to give birth to be a mom. >> reporter: the couple thought they would adopt but soon after getting married, two miracles happened. elena got pregnant twice. matthew then nathan opinion adoption was still on their
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mind. >> it made me feel like this was something that god put on our hearts to do. >> reporter: so the family opened their home to foster children. >> our first foster placement was a teen with us for a year and a half. when she went home, i guess we felt like we wanted one we didn't have to send back. >> reporter: the couple would end up welcoming countless other children who needed a home. they adopted several of them including danielle. >> i managed the golf team. >> we adopted older kidsp there's almost as much accepting of us as they are -- as we are accepting of them. >> reporter: the end result is a child that you love without condition. it's nice to have someone else to be in the house with besides your little brother and parents. >> he isn't as annoying. >> some people think big sisters are annoying, but that's a myth. >> reporter: a family that's
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teaching all of us a lesson in love. linda so, abc 2 news. good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. we are going to be similar to what we had yesterday. we're going to start you out a little on the cooler side. 56 degrees into baltimore right now. 50 into pittsburgh. 51 into charleston. even as we go into the afternoon, our highs are cooler than yesterday or milder. as we look at when's going on, 47 as we go in through your dew points right now. 40s mean we're dealing with the dry air. as you head south, though, we're still dealing with the humidity across that area. those dew points are in the 70s. we're dealing with the winds once again for today. that's why we have the potential once again for the fire threat. the winds right now sustained to baltimore around 6 miles per hour. frederick died down.
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hagerstown around 6 and washington around 7. we'll be seeing the gusts today about 20 miles per hour, 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar picking up on an area of high pressure. it is a canadian high. with this, we have the winds out of the northwest funneling down. the cooler conditions as well. as you check out what will be happening in terms of our forecast, well, i'm forecasting maybe a few showers as we go later in on saturday. but the bulk of the rain should get here as we go into sunday. you can see this front here on this model trying to push through route the day. for today, we'll remain dry throughout the day with the temperature coming in around 76 degrees mostly sunny, mild and breezy. as we go through the overnight frame, temperatures will be 54 degrees, mostly clear and still cool. if you have plans, take that jacket or sweater once you get the cool side.
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temperature-wise, still in the 70s and partly cloudy. we could have some late showers. let's head over to traffic. >> do you hear that, lynnette? >> what? >> it's kauai petp we -- it's quiet. we look at our cameras and you'll see a little bit of building volume. this is benville boulevard. both southbound headed towards route 50, northbound lanes. as we look at our drive times, minor picking up a little bit. there will be a six-minute ride from the split as you approach the for the mchenry toll plaza. we do have a utility problem southbound york road at timonium road. that blocks the right lane so traffic does get by to the left. head's up. especially if you travel caton
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avenue. they will be closing the ramps to get on to southbound 95. those ramps will close tonight at 9:00 reopening on saturday night at 8:00. then the ramps to get on northbound 95 bill close at 11:00 p.m. and will remain closed for six to eight weeks. jamie, back to you. in our health alert, would you know what to do if someone was having a heart attack? we want to bring in dr. timothy johnson because there is a brand new study out. we should pay attention to this report right now. >> reporter: only about 8% of people who go into sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital survive. current guidelines strongly recommend immediate defibrillation, a treatment in which an electric device gives an electric shock to the heart. a new study found chest compressions before defibrillation are as successful as using a
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defibrillator immediately on a patience. and with an emergency response time longer than ten minutes, chest compressions have a better outcome when used before defibrillation. the universities gathered data from four clinical trials that included more than 1500 patients because the survival rate is so low for people who go into sudden cardiac arrest, researchers say there is an urgent need to figure out the best way to save lives of those who stop. the bystanders immediately begin chest compressions until medical professionals arrive on the scene. i'm dr. timothy johnson. coming up, a be arer pulled a gun and demanded man. >> what happened at this failed bank robbery. justin bean are may make
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teen girls scream but he got a reaction from a state trooper. what happened that almost stopped a justin bieber concert at the fair?
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in entertainment news, justin feber may have brought thousands of screaming fans to timonium but almost got in big problems with police. teen pop sensation hit a state trooper with a water balloon. the trooper was so mad he almost cuffed bieber. can you imagine that? >> come on, don't hit a trooper with the water balloon. >> the bodyguard managed to talk him out of it. join celebrities in the fight to cure cancer. stand up to cancer airs tonight on four different networks and has over 70 major stars participating. it's all to raise money for cancer research. many of the entertainers, it's a personal cause. >> well, i've lost some
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important people to cancer, and it's a personal thing with me. it's just not some abstract idea. ♪ [music] ♪ >> the first stand up to cancer program in 2008 raised more than $100 million. you can catch it all tonight right here on abc 2 starting at 8:00. we're counting the days doen until komen's race for the cure. abc 2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event from sunday at 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. there's still plenty of time to register. head to our web site at when you get there, click on the lifestyle tab and then click on think pink. 6:24 right now. happy birthday if you are celebrating a birthday on this tenth of september like michael arthur taylor, jr. from the baltimore area. there he is posing behind paintings. also happy birthday.
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tomorrow is keyon grayson's birthday turning 24. happy birthday to both of you. >> to join the birthday club, send us a short e-mail and your picture sent to neighbors heard a loud roar then a thud. >> but it wasn't a plane crash. the deadly explosion that has flattened dozens of homes. i'm sherr arery johnson. live in rowland park here ready for the kickoff of the purple friday caravan. i've got the ravens cheerleader stay tuned. you don't want to miss this.
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. >> this morning, this california town is on fire after a huge explosion. this is the day they used an atm but this customer deposited a one-time fee ton a robber. if allowed, the ravens would play the jets five minutes from now in the parking lot. however, the has their own rules and want to play it friday night. but it is purple friday. happy friday.
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i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> special good morning to my cousin kim in from colorado. >> what a fan. here's lynnette charles. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. good morning, cousin kim. the weather for today will be absolutely gorgeous. plenty of sunshine in the forecast forecasting a high around 76 degrees today. the winds will be lighter and it will be cooler. we have the potential for fire risk out there. we're also dealing with rain moving into the weekend. that's good news because we need it. this is what the maryland's most powerful radar looks like as of now. it is dry currently into edge water. we are cool this morning and the winds are sustained now at 3 miles per hour. so nice and light with gusts up to 7 miles per hour. all of this will be picking up as we go throughout the day. the 12-hour forecast keeps us cool today. 73 by lunchtime when the breezes will really be

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